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Our hero is a thief who flirted with death and stole one of her most powerful artifacts - time gloves. Failing to cope with their power, the thief finds himself in a dungeon of souls. Determined, he climbs the tower to give battle to death and recover his humanity!

Freedom of Movement

At each level, you decide for yourself how you act. You'll run away beating up enemies or find detours and take advantage of your surroundings. Scramble on ledges, run through walls, slide on the floor and jump!

Dynamic Battles

You move fast, and your attacks and block are instant. A variety of enemies will check your reaction and will not let you stand still.

Time - Life!

The faster you pass the level and deal with the enemies the more health you can make up for.

Plenty of Abilities and Improvements

Pass through levels, defeat bosses to get the chance to choose from a variety of random improvements. Choose what you need now. Restore health, increase attack strength or improve your parkour skills. After another death, discover new upgrades and abilities that will make you stronger each time and bring you closer to the top of the tower and to defeating death!

Random Levels

The levels are generated randomly. Each passing will differ from the previous one. You will never know what enemies, obstacles and traps will be waiting for you in the next room.

Three Parts of the Tower

The tower is divided into three parts: Dungeon, Limb and Gardens.
Each part of the tower differs in its visual style, obstacles, set of enemies and bosses.

Only the most resourceful and skillful will deceive death!

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsAction RPG, Fantasy, Fast-Paced, First-Person, Low-poly, Parkour, Roguelike, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Twitter


running-rogue-alpha-0.2.0.zip 48 MB

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I have had so much fun speedrunning this game! Here's my fastest time: https://imgur.com/a/PukjcU2

I've learned that you can pretty much run past all the enemies, the slide is key to going fast, and that you can conserve your High Noon from the first boss to the end of the demo with well-timed uses of Force.

add quality options,plebs cant even play the game cause of the lag 

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Pause between hits is incomfortable. Adding chaining combos should fix it.
Movement does not have sounds whtsoever, jumping, running, sliding, vaulting, etc.
Great idea, music fits perfectly. High noon is? why? Also it has no timer or anything when you start it.
Eneies are mostly 1 hit kill are not really interesting.
Adding more HP to them and then adding stagger when getting hit would be cool i think?
Game looks very good.


Great demo. I like the first person platforming and combat. Feels responsive. Audio and visuals are top notch. Hoping there is increased mobility, pace, and difficulty in later levels.

I keep wanting the charged punch to propel me forward like Doomfist from Overwatch. Dashing and punching is equivalent but doesn't feel as cool. Probably because of enemy knockback. I only played one playthrough of the demo so I am sure I would get used to the game mechanics with more time.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback!

We plan to make various improvements to the charge attack and dash so that they acquire new properties from upgrades.


this is a really fun game the game feels great to control the life system is really cool the combat and movement options are really fun. but one thing that i would like to see is that many a new enemy. and sometimes the camera turns around when i climb up a ledge and it is really annoying but this is alpha so i assume that will get fixed. all and all i would give it a 4./5 good job

We are now working on fighting and creating new interesting situations. We are also working on new enemies. Yes, we know about the bug with the camera turn. We will fix it.

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Looks very  cool! Love the art-style! Sadly no mac version, would have loved to give it a go.

But where did you get the sky-box from? looks nice! Most sky-boxes I find don't have a proper horizon/ ground part. And I would love to have a nicer one for my current game project https://guldor.itch.io/citybuilder when using the "zoom" function the sky-box just does not look great. In case you made your own sky box, what's the best way to make one?


It's like if Re: Run from Dani was more detailed, and  you fought with your fists. The game has a ton of calcium, a skele-ton. Very e p i c


I like this comparison! Thanks! 🤜💀


No problem, my guy. Can't wait to play the full game, I absolutely fell in love with this Alpha!


Very epic
Can't wait for full game.


Thanks! :)